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About Us

The Beginning

Kids Bash was born in the summer of 2014 and has ever since been sky-rocketing up as the new summer craze event for kids to attend locally across the Hampton Roads. Starting out as an event to just get a few kids up and active, it has now turned into a community event like no other. The first annual kids bash was held at City View Park in Virginia Beach on August 24th. As we contemplated the type of event we wanted to create to help close out the summer, as well as, lead children into the new school year with the understanding of the importance of better health and fitness. Channeling the concept of the late 90s show Wild & Crazy Kids infused with a bunch of classic field day games was the premise of the kids Bash event, making fitness fun and bringing in some competition and prizes. The first Kids Bash had a total of 35 children in attendance and even with as small a crowd that was it was able to spark something inside of our team that has now made this event our staple event throughout the year and one we most anticipate. Enjoying the nostalgic games from our childhood while connecting with the kids and working together as a team towards a common goal is just a wonderful feeling and great sight to see. Each year since the first annual kids bash we have doubled in size from the previous year it being held. The 4th annual kid bash being our most recent Kids Bash to date, we were able to reel in a total of 533 children to participate with us in our day of fun filled activities. As we continue to grow immensely from year to year our goal is to not just affect change here in our community but to also spread Kids Bash abroad and be able to share an event of this nature all across our region and nation as this event is something that is greatly needed throughout our world. F4C is now partnering up with local schools as we plan to implement fitness programs and bring what is know as our Kids Bash event to schools locally in Hampton Roads and soon abroad. 

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Check out footage from our 3rd Annual Kids Bash as this was the first time we hosted the event at the Virginia Beach Fieldhouse. We had such an amazing time tas we do every year! 

Our Programs

Mentoring Programs


The aim in our mentoring program is to enable the mentee to develop their own skills, strategies and capability so that they are enabled to tackle the next hurdle more effectively with or without the mentor's presence. 

Health & Wellness Camps


Establish and maintain an environment in which program and management practices and supports the physical and emotional well-being of the community.

Community Outreach


Placing a focus on offering support to those who may be poor, disenfranchised and lack resources. As well as providing those individuals  with the proper education on making the best health choices for theirselves and others.